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excuse me, MS.?

Ms. magazine is publishing an article next week that will include the names of 5,000 woman who have had abortions and are unashamed of their decision. 

Ms. executive editor Katherine Spillar said more than 5,000 women have signed the petition so far — heeding its appeal to declare they are unashamed of the choice they made. The magazine itself had room for only 1,016 names, she said Tuesday, but all of them will be viewable online as Ms. encourages other women to continue adding their signatures.

No matter what side of the debate you fall on (oh, and some of us fall hard), I think that this is a bold move on the part of both the magazine and the women who sign their names to be published. Well timed, of course, as voters face some serious decisions in the next election and the political landscape protecting women's right to choose is becoming more tenable.

While this article is clearly centered around women who have had an abortion, I think that there is a misconception (deliberate or no) among pro-lifers that pro-choice means pro-abortion.  I strongly support a woman's Right to Choose. I also hope that she makes that choice carefully. I am not applauding these women for having an abortion any more than I would applaud someone for not when they perhaps should have. What I am standing beside is the bravery it takes to make a very difficult decision ... then choosing to bring forward a very personal matter for public fodder in order to ensure that this issue stays in the forefront of our political and social discussions.