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it's good to be king

As I languish in bed this morning (yes it's nearly noon and I am still in bed-shut up. A late-night casino trip with the 'rents landed me in bed at 4:00 a.m. My parents are infinitely cool....) But already, I digress.

As I languish in bed this morning, I find myself flanked by one small dog and one slightly larger cat. And it occurred to me as I petted them both that I bore a bit of a resemblance to an evil ruler. As we all know, all evil rulers have a small dog that they stroke while planning world domination.  It only makes sense to add a bitchy cat to the mix, as cats are eviler by nature. (Even this one bit me as she purred.)

I settled back into the pillows and imagined a throne with two smaller ones-for the beasts-on either side. And then I thought that a throne-while comfortable-might be taxing to sit in all day. I mean, you can't even put your feet up, and there are no reclining thrones that I am aware of. It would be hard work to rule the world all day...can't you just put up your feet once in a while? (Perhaps if you are ruling in Turkey...The Ottoman Empire might have made such allowances.)

All of which led me to the following conclusion: don't blog before noon on Sunday. 

Brain: Here we are, Pinky--at the dawn of time!
Pinky: Narf, Brain. Wake me at the noon of time.

Otherwise, you might look like kind of a nut-job. 

I think that I need to go back to sleep. You're probably thinking the same thing.

Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
I think so, Brain. But the real trick will be getting Demi Moore out of the creamed corn.