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oh, little girl

Stuff I miss about being a kid:

  • Trick or Treating with your Dad trailing close (but not too close) behind. Then going home and spreading out all of the candy on the floor before trade negotiations began with my brother.  ("I'll trade you three Bazookas and one Tootsie Pop for that Kit Kat." ... "Okay, but not root beer flavored, okay?")
  • Jumping in a pile of leaves taller than you are and being swallowed up by that crunchy, fall smell.
  • Pink Erasers.
  • Cheering for your high school football team and then going to the Homecoming bonfire after the game.
  • Playing for fun...not exercise or transportation. ("Hey-wanna go ride bikes?" ... "Sure!")
  • Stretching the phone cord all the way across the kitchen so you could talk to That Boy in Private. Then calling all of your girlfriends to repeat every word that was said.
  • Pizza Day in the Cafeteria.
  • Notebook paper. Sharp pencils. Homework. Trapper Keepers. Book covers made out of brown paper bags.
  • Stuffed animals. My pink canopy bed.
  • Not worrying so much all the time.