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wasted talent

Over at I Will Fucking Tear You Apart, I was reviewed by Love Bites. And ... oh! ... I got bit, love.

shortbus.gif"So, I give it two stars for the content and for having the potential to be a great blogger, but the short bus for being 70% mundane and 30% great. Oh, and for the stupid ugly buttons in the sidebar. Get rid of bust, get rid of Avitable's fat face, get rid of all the other stupid blog promotion buttons, and focus on giving us a little more soul in your writing. You've got it. You've got a gift. Stop squandering it, and start honing it. There are ten million bloggers out there who would gladly rip your gift for words/soul out of your fingers and throw you into the dust for 1/10 of the writing talent you're wasting in most of your *space filler* posts."

Sadly, she's right. (About the writing...Avi's fat face stays.)

That's a little hard to admit. But I appreciate the honesty.

And my buddy Bitter Bitch will be happy to know what LB thinks of the color..."The blog design is nice and clean, although I must say I'm not a fan of green. Particularly that shade of green. It makes me bilious."

She should've been here in October for the Pepto-Pink.